Are you ready to grow your store? Are you tired of chasing customers with conventional flyers and mailings? Then our multi-channel marketing is the perfect tool for effectively reaching your customers, both new and old. Our services allow you to communicate with your shoppers using text messages, emails, and more!

Drive Traffic

Everyone has slow days but you don’t have to let that be a drag for your store. Increase foot traffic by sending out real-time offers such as one-day promotions via text or mobile messages. Use our social media marketing tool to create and establish a virtual presence that will have people talking about your store.


Treat your customers right and invite them to drop in with mobile coupons. No cutting, no hassle. Our platform allows you create customized offers that are accessible from customers’ mobile phones. Send out deals to existing patrons by SMS, MMS, email or social media or create QR codes that new customers can scan to instantly access coupons.

Keep customers connected

A business’ strength lies in customer loyalty and customer loyalty begins with relationship. Don’t underestimate the power of maintaining a continuous presence in your customers’ peripherals. Reach out by sending mobile birthday eCards or updates on new products, developments, and sales through any of our channels.

Grow customer database

Every interaction can be used to create more interactions. Use tools such as mobile keywords, Online Sign-Up, and Facebook Sign-Up pages to build and keep track of your customer database.